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Mushroom01Spring is the perfect season to visit Lewiston, Michigan. Most of us have cabin fever after a long cold winter, and the thought of getting outdoors is very appealing. That is especially true if you enjoy a walk in the woods in northern Michigan. And the forests of Michigan offer a beautiful and bountiful opportunity for those who forage for the uniquely delicious morel mushroom. From early May until early June, Michigan wildflowers are a sight to behold. The observant hiker will find Dutchman's Breeches, Pink Lady Slippers, Jack in the Pulpit, Trout Lilies, and an abundance of white Trillium in the Lewiston area. At the same time that these beautiful wildflowers are coming up, so too, are the morel mushrooms. First pops-up the black morel in early to mid May, then the blonde (or so-called white) morel, usually late May to early June. There are ample locations to explore on state land that is open to hikers. North of Lewistion, for example, are the Pigeon River State Forest and the Atlanta State Forest. The Michigan state map shows many other areas near Lewston that are open to hikers. A good time to visit is Mother's Day weekend, because the Lewiston Chamber of Commerce holds its annual Morel Mushroom Festival on Saturday of that weekend. So come up and enjoy the fun of exploring the northern Michigan woods, with the opportunity to add the exquisite taste of the morel to your next meal.

(Although the morel mushroom is one of the easiest edible mushrooms to identify, first time hunters should go with an experienced morel hunter to ensure correct identification.)

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Golfing01If Northern Michigan Golf is on your mind, than Lewiston is where you should come to play. Lewiston is home to Garland Resort, and some of the best golf courses in Northern Michigan.

If you like meticulous manicured fairways, white sandy traps, smooth rolling greens, than Lewiston/Garland is the place for you. Garland offers 4 very distinctive and challenging layouts for every golfing enthusiast.


  • Monarch: known as "the King of Michigan Golf Courses". A great resort style golf course for all players of all levels. It offers generous landing areas, and just dares you to let it rip. If you want to test your abilities this course can stretch to 7,145 yards at the tips, down to 4,904 yards at the forward tees. Its slope rating is 143. It's one of the most picturesque courses you will find in Northern Michigan come try it out.
  • Swampfire: if you like water this course won't disappoint. It's a true shot maker's course. With the natural terrain, tree lined fairways, and did we mention water! Yes lots and lots of water. Sixteen of eighteen holes have water. The course offer's lush, green, and flawless playing conditions. Bring extra balls you might need them! The course stretches from 6,854 yards, down to as low as 4,791 yards, with a slope rating of 123, it's a great test of golf for anyone.
  • Reflections: a course designed for everyone's ability. Six par 5's, 4's, and 3's. Set along pine forest, lakes, streams, and lots of wildlife. You'll love the playability of this course. It has Garland's tradition of well-manicured fairways, tee's and greens. Reflections stretches from 6,373 yards from the back tees down to 4,617 yards at the forward tees. It has a slope rating of 132. It won't disappoint, come and see.
  • Fountains: (Members only) features bent grass fairways, tees and greens, always keep in immaculate condition. It has a slope rating of 129 and can stretch to a length of 6,670 yards for the best golfer in all of us. If you like the Monarch, Swampfire, and Reflections, become a member and have the chance to play the fountains as well.
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Garage Sales

GarageSales01From Memorial Weekend to Labor Day, you can find an active Rummage Sale somewhere in or around Lewiston. You never know what little treasures you will uncover when someone cleans out their attic or basement. From kids to adults everyone loves to discover that perfect little gem for just a few dollars. With a little paint or a touch up here and there you can make that old chair look new again, turn a picture frame into a mirror to add dimension to your hallway or entrance. Lewiston also has a few resale shops in town, it's a fun little hobby, and an inexpensive way to stock your camper or cabin with everything you need. Look for signs at the 4-way stop and check the local papers to get started on your hunt for your next treasure.

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Fishing02From the first glimmer of sunrise to the last golden ray of sunset, there is nothing as relaxing as fishing one of our area lakes where a lucky angler may catch yellow perch, blue gills, pumpkinseed sunfish, large or small mouth bass, walleye, northern pike or tiger muskies. We have many lakes in and near Lewiston. East and West Twin Lakes are right in town, but just a short drive will take you to the public access or Tee Lake, Little Wolf Lake or Big Bear Lake to name a few.

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Bird Watching

BirdingBaldEagle01Those of us who enjoy watching or photographing our feathered friends will find an abundance of varieties in the Lewiston, Michigan area. Chickadees, Nuthatches, and several types of woodpeckers - the Downy and the Red-headed for example -frequent the local residents' feeders. Songbirds such as the Baltimore Oriole and the Ruby Throated Grosbeak are also common in the woods around homes and lakes, as are numerous varieties of wrens. And on a warm summer night you might hear the Whip-poor-will. Mushroom hunters and hikers may come upon the Scarlet Tanager, the Pileated Woodpecker, and several varieties of Owls, birds that are reluctant to be in busy residential areas. Canoers and fishermen are likely to see river feeders such as the Osprey, the Cedar Waxing feeding on the mayflies above the river, or the Great Blue Heron, stealthily watching for prey. In late fall migrating ducks can be found on East and West Twin Lakes - Mergansers and Buffleheads come in large flocks and rest for a few days before continuing their migration south. Loons and Eagles can be seen most of the year on and around the lakes, There is a large population of Turkeys in the area, and more common birds such as Blue Jays, Blackbirds, Hawks, and Robins are prevalent. So grab your binoculars and camera and head to Lewiston.

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Bicycling01Lewiston is a great place to take out your bicycle to enjoy the great outdoors. The combination of paved roads, wide shoulders and light traffic make riding around our lakes and the surrounding area a delight. If you prefer a more rugged trip you should check out the Buttles Road trails which offer a more challenging route for mountain bikes. Either way you can't bet a bicycle as a way to enjoy the natural beauty of Lewiston.

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Antiquing01Do you enjoy antiquing? Why not start here in Lewiston? We have a couple of great shops where you can spend time looking for collectibles, furniture, jewelry, dishes and more. Antique Depot is located at 5030 County Road 612, Lewiston and Everlasting Treasures is located at 5541 North Red Oak Road. They are constantly adding new treasurers so be sure and visit frequently.

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Amish Country

Amish01Take a Day Trip to Mio's Amish/Mennonite Country

Amish/Mennonite country located about 3 miles north of Mio on M-33, Kittle Road and the surrounding area. This day trip offers Lewistonites the chance to get out of the woods and view beautiful rolling farmland. There are several stores to visit that provide shoppers with just about everything needed. Listed below are some of the more popular stores. However, watch for other little shops along the way.

Amish Country Courtesies:

  • Respect for private property - You are certainly welcome to go anywhere signs advertise shops, attractions or events. But remember to respect the Amish people's personal and private property.
  • Exercise some horse sense - Amish horses can't travel as fast as a car. Don't honk your horn when passing or use high-beam headlights when approaching. Don't try feeding a horse at a hitching rail or harnessed to a buggy. It's best not to try petting a horse either, at least not without the owner's permission.
  • Respect their personal space - The Amish are a quiet and simple people who do not wish to be seen as tourist attractions. They would rather be known for their work ethic, family values and deep religious faith. Rather than "cornering" them on the street, feel free to chat with those who are shop owners and artisans who welcome guests to their shops.

Oak Hill Country Furniture and Fabrics
Gilbraith Road ¼ mile north of F-32
Mio, MI 48647
Phone 989-826-1913
Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 8:30am to 5pm; closed Wednesday and Sunday

Furniture for the home, Lux Craft outdoor furniture, and fabrics.

Amish Country Natural Products
1454 N. Mt. Tom Road (corner of F-32 & Mt. Tom Rd.)
Mio, MI 48647
Phone: 989-390-5915
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Summer Hours: Monday 11am to 3pm; Tuesday through Friday 10am to 6pm; Saturday 10am to 5pm; closed Sunday

Organic foods; breads & baked goods made daily; eggs; Pampered beef; cheese; milk; fresh vegetables (seasonal); whole grains; gluten free foods; herbs & spices; honey; maple syrup; jams & jellies; fresh roasted bean coffee; vitamins; lotions & soaps. Art work by local artists includes pottery; woodworking; jewelry; fabric art; framed pictures and photographs, candles.

NOTE: Baked goods sell out early.

Pioneer General Store
432 N. Mount Tom Road (M-33)
Mio, MI 48647
Phone 989-826-2580
Hours: Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm; Saturday 8am to 3pm; closed Sundays

Hardware; hard to find items; surplus items; camping supplies; generators; heaters; kitchenware; cast iron cookware; canning supplies; house wares and garden supplies

NOTE: Check out the lighting in the store which is sky lights and gas.

North Star Storage
North Mount Tom Road (M-33) next to Pioneer General Store
Mio, MI 48647
Phone: 989-826-1000
Hours: Monday through Friday 6:30am to 5pm; Saturday 8am to 2pm; closed Sundays

Barns built and pre-built sheds and screened buildings delivered to your site.

Country Feed Supply
389 West Kittle Road (off M-33)
Mio, MI 48647
Phone 989-826-2305
Hours: Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm; Saturday 8am to 3pm; closed Sunday

Gardening & farming supplies; large selection of bird feeders; bird seed; pet food; dairy, beef, poultry, horse feed; garden dirt & potting soil; plant feed; pest management products.

Country Corners Bulk Food Store
1284 West Kittle Road (off M-33)
Mio, MI 48647
Phone 989-826-6063.
Hours: Monday through Saturday from 8:30am to 5:00pm; closed Sunday

Grocery store featuring bulk foods and bent & dent groceries; baking supplies in various sized packages; candies; spices; herbs; pastas; cheeses & dairy products; some lunchmeats

Country Corners Greenhouse
1/8 mile south on Galbraith Road (just south of W. Kittle Road)
Mio, MI 48647
Phone: 989-826-3311
Hours: Open just before Mother's Day to 4th of July; Monday through Saturday 9am to 5pm; closed Sunday.

In the spring you can purchase fruit trees, shrubs, seeds, bulbs, seeds, seed potatoes, vegetables plants, perennials and annuals, hanging baskets.
In the fall you can get bushels of apples including Cortlands, MacIntosh, Delicious, Empire. Orders are taken ahead of pick-up time.

Maple Ridge Medal Supply
748 Gerber Road (1 ½ miles south of F-32 or ½ mile north of W. Kittle Road)
Mio, MI 48647
Phone: 989-826-5752
Hours: Monday through Friday 7am to 4pm; Saturday 8am to 11am; closed Sunday

Metal roofing, related supplies and tools, some hardware including door hardware.

Highland Lumber
680 East Kittle Road (off M-33)
Mio, MI 48647
Phone: 989-848-8000
Hours: Monday through Friday 7am to 5pm; Saturday 8am to 3:30pm; closed Sunday

Lumber yard has a full line of building materials and hardware including Dewalt and Makita power tools, split rail and privacy fencing and horse drawn equipment.

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Redwood Motor Inn

RedwoodMotorLodgeWe are located one-half mile east of the village of Lewiston and 5 miles north of Garland. Nearby are public beaches, tennis and shuffleboard courts, Curling Club, bowling lanes, craft and collectable shops. We are within easy access to cross-country ski trails, fishing, sporting lakes and located on the snowmobile trail.

4909 County Road 612
Lewiston MI 49756

Phone Number:
(989) 786-2226


Tuesday, 27 May 2014 00:00

Elk Valley Excavation and Construction

4123 Montmorency St
Lewiston, MI 49756

(989) 786-3665

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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