Star Gazing

StarGazing01See the stars of the night sky like you've never seen them before.

Rural isolation has its benefits. Being miles away from any major metropolitan area gives northeast Michigan a unique advantage for those who enjoy the mysteries revealed in the night sky. Our lack of concentrated light pollutions makes the cosmos appear crisp and clear. Even in the middle of Lewiston you can clearly see all the constellations of the northern hemisphere.

Dark lands can be found in many areas in and around Lewiston where light emissions are very low. Stars, meteors, planets and moons await your discovery.

At night, the sky illuminates with the incredible glow of the Milky Way. Take your telescope, camera, or just your family and take in a light show the level of which only Mother Nature can provide. If you're lucky you may even be dazzled by the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights.

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