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EastTwinBeachPark11Lewiston has abundant natural and recreation space and amenities. That includes its many parks and playgrounds: Buttles Road Park, Lewiston Village Park, Bingham Park, Lions Park, and the East Twin Lake Public Beach.

Buttles Road Park
Size: 40 acres
Buttles Road Park is located northwest of the Lewiston community, just south of the corner of Buttles Road and Airport Road. At 40 acres, it is the largest park operated by Albert Township. The park includes two softball fields, two tennis courts, and two horseshoe pits. It also has playground equipment and facilities for picnics such as a pavilion, outdoor picnic tables, restrooms, and barbecue grills. Some parts of the park retain their original natural character, but are open for snowmobiling, hiking, and other outdoor recreation.

Lewiston Village Park
Size: 2 acres
Lewiston Village Park is located immediately adjacent to the Township Hall in downtown Lewiston. It features two tennis courts, but it is most popular as a community gathering place thanks to its gazebo and picnic facilities.

Bingham Park
Size: 2.5 acres
Bingham Park, in the heart of Lewiston, hosts the youth baseball league for Albert Township. Its facilities include a regulation field, a concession stand, restrooms, picnic area, and playground equipment.

Lions Park
Size: 1 acre
Lions Park is located just south of Lewiston community, across the street from the East Twin Public Beach. The park is popular as a picnic spot, with a pavilion, barbecue grills, and outdoor picnic tables.

East Twin Lake Public Beach
Size: Less than 1 acre
East Twin Lake Public Beach is the public access to East Twin Lake, located at the north end of the lake. In addition to the swimming beach, the park contains playground equipment, restrooms, and picnic facilities. It also has bike racks. Immediately next to the Township's park is a public access to the lake for non-motorized craft such as canoes and kayaks. The boat launch is operated by the DNRE and is no longer available for motorized craft because of concerns over the safety of swimmers.

Lewiston School
The Johannesburg – Lewiston Area School District operates one school within Albert Township – Lewiston K-6 School. Located at the north end of village of Lewiston, the 20-acre school grounds provide approximately the same level of service as a Neighborhood Park. The grounds of the school feature a basketball court, a soccer field, and playground equipment. Inside the school, the gymnasium and auditorium stage have been used for community recreation as well.

Other areas of interest include:

Avery Lake State Forest
Size: 30 acres
Avery Lake State Forest encompasses most of the northeastern portion of Albert Township. Available activities include fishing, swimming, and boating on Avery Lake, snowmobile trails, and camping in two separate locations within the forest. Hunting is permitted in much of the forest. It is rustic in nature.

Little Wolf Lake State Forest
Size: 8 Acres
Little Wolf Lake State Forest is the smallest of the three state forests in Albert Township. Located southeast of the Lewiston community, Little Wolf Lake also offers camping and lake-based recreation, including fishing and swimming. Little Wolf Lake is more developed than its sister forests, with more man-made features and a prohibition on hunting. A small portion of the forest is accessible to persons with disabilities. Little Wolf Lake offers camping for tents and campers shorter than 40 feet.

Buttles Road MDNR Facilities
Size: 6 miles of trails
Located along Buttles Road, these state-maintained nature trails are popular for hiking and cross-country skiing, depending on the season. The unpaved trails run through undisturbed natural areas, but do not connect directly to Buttles Park or the core downtown Area.

Sage Lake Flooding Area
Size: Less than 1 acre
The Sage Lake Flooding Area is a natural open space area along Sage Lake, in the far eastern portion of the Township. It provides an opportunity for passive recreation along the side of the lake, which is difficult to reach in other places.

CCC Camp Lunden
Size: Less than 5 acres
Camp Lunden is a historic site located within Albert Township which was used during the 1930's by the Civilian Conservation Corps, a "New Deal" jobs program. There are many similar sites throughout Northern Michigan. However at this site, notably the workers landscaped an earthen scale model of the State of Michigan in front of their barracks. The dug out lakes--Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and St. Clair--were fed by an artesian well and stocked with fish.

Recreation Quantity Location
Baseball/Softball Fields 3 Buttles Road Park, Bingham Park
Basketball Courts 1 Lewiston School
Soccer Fields 1 Lewiston School
Tennis Courts 4 Buttles Road Park, Lewiston Village Park
Horseshoe Courts 2 Buttles Road Park
Playground Equipment 4 Buttles Road Park, Bingham Park,
East Twin Public Beach, Lewiston School
Camping 3 Avery Lake, Big Oaks, Little Wolf Lake
Hiking Trails 3 Buttles Road MDNR Facility, Avery Lake, Big Oaks
Picnic Facilites 5 Buttles Road Park, Lewiston Village Park
Bingham Park, Lions Park
Boat Launches 2 Avery Lake, Sage Lake
Fishing Docs 2 Big Oaks, Avery Lake
Snowmobiling 3 Avery Lake, Big Oaks
Historic Sites 1 CCC Camp Lunden
Nature Education 1 Hunt Creek Research Station
Restrooms 5 Buttles Road Park, Bingham Park,
East Twin Public Beach, Big Oaks, Little Wolf Lake
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