Tennis08If you enjoy playing tennis we've got you covered in Lewiston. There are 2 sets of courts for your enjoyment.

Two courts are located at the Lewiston Village Park right in town on County Rd 612.

Two courts are also located at the Buttles Road Park.

Tennis is very popular in Lewiston and there are frequently players looking for a pick game. So head to the courts, have a ball, and perhaps make a new friend or two.

Top Ten reasons to play Tennis!

  1. Tennis is a sport of a lifetime
  2. Tennis develops your body
  3. Tennis develops your mind
  4. Tennis is FUN
  5. Tennis can be anything you want
  6. Tennis teaches life lessons
  7. Tennis is a family sport
  8. Tennis is social
  9. Tennis makes for a happy life
  10. Tennis helps you will longer
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