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AMI Industries

AMIIndustriesAMI Industries was founded in 2000 and was created to provide world-class manufacturing equipment primarily to the automotive tube fabricating industry.

AMI Industries is your premier source for automotive powertrain and chassis product.AMI Industries is a Tier 1-2 supplier to agriculture, construction, automotive, heavy truck, and marine industries. We are a private company located in Michigan with a JMA partner in Germany, Austria, Malaysia, and China.

Our products focus mainly in fluid handling components related to Powertrain and Chassis systems.Since 2006, our sales have been steadily increasing. In just three short years, AMI has grossed over 40 million dollars in revenue, and is projected to sustain this trend in the coming years.

5093 N. Red Oak Road
P0 Box 269
Lewiston, MI 49756

(989) 786-3755

(989) 786-3777


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